T&C – Colour Selections


To our Valued Customers, Please find enclosed important information relevant to your Colour Selection.

At Tiles Expo / Tile Boutique we thank you for completing your tile selection with us and want to ensure your project runs smoothly. Please review the paperwork carefully. If you have any queries, please contact the consultant and/or branch listed on your paperwork.

Purpose of Colour Section

The purpose of Colour Selection is to indicate what tiles you would like, so that Tiles Expo can provide you with the expected cost. At this stage, the expected cost is generic and not specific to your required quantities and/or specifications.

Colour Selection is not a binding contract; there is no obligation for you to purchase the tiles you have selected, and there is no promise by Tiles Expo that these tiles will be delivered or available. No goods are set aside until a confirmed order is received or a deposit is paid.

If you later decide to order tiles, the terms and conditions of sale will be agreed at this time between you and Tiles Expo.

The expected cost of the tiles in your Colour Selection may also change, and will later be agreed by you and Tiles Expo, if an order is confirmed.


Please note the following in relation to your Colour Selection:

i. Please check your Selection:

Please review your Colour Selection Document carefully to ensure that the product name, colour, size, finish, grout and placement are accurate and suitable for the application. Your Colour Selection may later inform your order with Tiles Expo, so it is important the details are correct.

ii. Samples:

Samples provided are only indicative of the current batch in stock, and slight colour or size variations can occur from batch to batch. If you later make an order of a particular tile type, all tiles you receive will be from one batch. However, your order may be from a different batch to the sample batch.

iii. Sample Purchases:

Some samples, depending on tile formats, size and decors, will require payment. However, if an order is later placed for the same type of tile that you purchased the sample for, and proof of purchase is provided, then the sample charges will be deducted from your order. Single sample purchases are non-refundable.

iv. Estimate / Colour Selections:

Colour Selection and/or the provision of an estimate by Tiles Expo on the basis of your Colour Selection does not constitute an order. No goods will be set aside until a confirmed order is received and the deposit paid in full.